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      Our advantage
      Always aiming at satisfying market demands and achieving customer satisfaction as the core purpose, taking low-carbon environmental protection as its social responsibility, it constantly innovates breakthroughs and realizes continuous upgrading of its products.
      Technical advantages
      In order to produce large-scale economic benefits, the company has introduced advanced international high-tech equipment from Japan, Switzerland, and Germany, and purchased single- and double-knit circular knitting machines from Taiwan to ensure the stability and reliability of product quality.
      Product advantages
      It is the first batch of textile enterprises in reform and opening up. Over the years, the company has always regarded quality and integrity as the life of the company. Wenzhou Textile Association was awarded member units. He was awarded the Excellent Member of the Wenzhou Textile Chamber of Commerce.
      Service advantage
      Flexible and diverse services, the introduction of foreign modern production equipment will realize the automation, information, and refinement of the product manufacturing process, providing consumers with high-end products, etc.